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27-year-old St. Louis advertising executive, Max Baron (James Spader), has completely shut himself off from the world in the two years since the auto accident that killed his wife Janey (Maria Pitillo). On the way to his friend’s bachelor party, Neil (Jason Alexander), Max picks up 50 burgers from a diner called White Palace. At the party, he discovers that the order is six burgers short and, to the ridicule of his friends, returns to the restaurant to complain. In a moment that defines his initial character, Max declares, “It’s the principle.” He is roundly mocked by his cohorts.
At the White Palace diner, after a heated exchange occurs between Max and a 43-year-old waitress, Nora Baker (Susan Sarandon), she exasperatedly refunds him. Max returns to the party but leaves upset and heads to a bar, where he runs into Nora. Drunk, she flirts with him, but he pushes her advances away and starts to leave. She senses he’s upset, asks why, and discovers his wife died in a car crash. She discloses that she lost her young son to leukemia. The ‘connection’ prevents him from leaving. They have a few drinks and eventually he gives her a lift home to the Dogtown neighborhood in St. Louis, but drunkenly crashes his car into her mailbox. She invites him to spend the night at her house, with the couch as his bed. Max starts dreaming about his late wife, then wakes up to find Nora performing fellatio on him. They end up having passionate sex.
After visiting his wife’s grave on the second anniversary of her death, Max returns to White Palace to watch a busy Nora from a distance. He visits her at home with the pretext of replacing the broken mailbox, but instead they begin a relationship. Max becomes more relaxed and cheerful around Nora and at his work, but remains reluctant to reveal their relationship to his family and friends. At one point, he gets frustrated that all he and Nora do are sit and watch TV in her house. She firmly reminds him of their differences in age and social backgrounds.

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White Palace 1990 720p Movie Download White Palace 1990 720p Movie Download White Palace 1990 720p Movie Download

White Palace 1990 720p Movie Download

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