Rock Dog 2016 English 720p BluRay ESubs

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Movie Overview

Bodi (Luke Wilson) is a young Tibetan Mastiff who is expected to be the next guard of the village of Snow Mountain, succeeding his father Khampa (J. K. Simmons) after the latter has driven out a pack of gangster grey wolves led by the villainous Linnux (Lewis Black) years ago, but is sure they will return. Khampa has some of the local sheep dressed up as Mastiffs to give the illusion the village is being guarded by multiple Mastiffs to keep the wolves at bay, but Bodi has trouble perfecting his father’s signature move the Iron Paw which projects a powerful blast that as Khampa states can only happen if Bodi “finds the fire.” Khampa has also forbade music in the village since Bodi got distracted from his duties when he was younger.

After a disastrous training session, Bodi accidentally causes a nearby flying plane to drop a package. Among the items that fell out, Bodi becomes interested in a red radio and listens to some of the music on the stations, with his favorite being rock music and idolizes British rock legend Angus Scattergood. Bodi steals a traditional dramyin from a den of locked up instruments, adds additional strings to make it a conventional Western guitar, and begins neglecting his guard duties in favor of playing music, which puts him at odds with Khampa, especially since Bodi told him that he has decided to be a musician.

After Khampa and some of the guard sheep accidentally cause Bodi to unleash a false alarm on the village while dressed as wolves escalating into some fireworks being set off, the village elder Fleetwood Yak (Sam Elliott) convinces Khampa to let Bodi follow his dream and gives him a bus ticket to give to Bodi that will take him to a nearby city. Khampa gives Bodi the ticket, but makes him promise to give up music if his trip doesn’t work out and the villagers say goodbye to him after he leaves with his guitar. At the bus station, Bodi is discovered by two of Linnux’s henchman, the short and comical Riff (Kenan Thompson) and the tall and silent Skozz. Riff informs Linnux of Bodi’s departure and Linnux orders them to kidnap Bodi, reasoning that Bodi is his chance to take over Snow Mountain.

Movie Details

IMDB Rating: 5.6/10
Directed: Ash Brannon
Released Date: 24 February 2017
Types: Animation ,Adventure ,Comedy
Film Stars: Luke Wilson, Eddie Izzard, J.K. Simmons
Movie Quality: 720p BRRip
File Size: 707MB

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Rock Dog 2016 English 720p BluRay ESubs

Rock Dog 2016 English 720p BluRay ESubs

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