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Movie Overview

Debbie Galardi recalls playing Ouija with her best friend Laine Morris as children. In present day, Debbie throws her Ouija board into the fire, burning it. Debbie implies to Laine that something strange happened with the Ouija board. After Laine leaves, the Ouija board reappears in Debbie’s bedroom. Debbie becomes possessed and hangs herself.

The next day, Laine attends Debbie’s wake with her boyfriend Trevor, younger sister Sarah, friend Isabelle, and Debbie’s boyfriend Pete. The five friends meet at Debbie’s house and use her Ouija board to try communicating with her. Strange things happen, and a presence smashes Pete’s head into a mirror. Later, the friends start finding the phrase “hi friend” (a message communicated during the Ouija board session) written in different places, like Isabelle’s car window, a tunnel wall, and Laine’s computer. Thinking Deb is trying to communicate with them, the group has another Ouija session. They then discover that they are actually in contact not with Debbie but with a spirit calling itself “DZ.” Laine sees the image of a little girl with her mouth sewn shut. The girl warns them to run because her mother is coming. Laine sees an old woman, and everyone flees. Laine later learns that Deb found the Ouija board in her attic and played alone.

Isabelle is possessed and killed. Laine and Pete search Deb’s attic and find a box of old photographs that belonged to the previous residents. While researching the previous family’s history, they learn of a little girl named Doris Zander who went missing, and whose mother was suspected in her disappearance. Laine visits Doris’s sister, an old woman named Paulina, who is now committed to a psychiatric hospital. Paulina explains that her mother was a medium and used Doris as a vessel for the dead to speak through. Their mother went mad and sewed Doris’s mouth shut before killing her. She tells Laine that there is a secret room in the house where Laine must find Doris’s hidden body and unstitch her mouth in order for the girl to banish their mother. The remaining friends go back to the Galardi house, where Laine finds Doris’s corpse and cuts the stitches on her mouth. Doris’s spirit appears and chases away the ghost of her mother. Pete becomes possessed and is killed.

Laine revisits Paulina and realizes that the old woman intentionally lied. Doris was the evil entity all along and her mother was trying to stop the friends from summoning her. The Morris’s grandmother, Nona, advises the sisters to destroy Doris’s body and the Ouija board at the same time. Doris’s ghost kills Trevor next. Laine and Sarah return to the Galardi house cellar, where Doris captures Sarah and prepares to sew her mouth shut. Laine plays the Ouija board alone to draw the spirit’s attention. Doris starts possessing Laine, but Deb’s ghost appears to help Laine defeat Doris. Sarah throws Doris’s body into the furnace, and Laine throws the Ouija board. The paranormal activity stops. Later, Laine finds that the planchette has mysteriously appeared back at her home in her bedroom, and as she sees through the planchette she gasps.

Movie Details

  • Movie Name : Ouija (2014)
  • Movie Size : 1.3 GB
  • Movie Quality : 720p HD
  • Movie Type : Horror

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Ouija Full Movie Dual Audio 720p HD Free Download Ouija Full Movie Dual Audio 720p HD Free Download Ouija Full Movie Dual Audio 720p HD Free Download

Ouija Full Movie Dual Audio 720p HD Free Download

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