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Movie Overview

The film follows Don “Wardaddy” Collier (Brad Pitt), a battle-hardened U.S. Army staff sergeant in the 2nd Armored Division, commanding an M4A3E8 Sherman “Easy Eight” tank named Fury and its five-man all-veteran crew: gunner Boyd “Bible” Swan (Shia LaBeouf); loader Grady “Coon-Ass” Travis (Jon Bernthal); and driver Trini “Gordo” Garcia (Michael Peña) as the Allies make their final push into Nazi Germany towards the end of the war. When the tank’s original assistant-driver/bow-gunner, “Red”, is killed in action, Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman), a fresh recruit who has only been in the army for eight weeks and trained as a clerk typist, is assigned as a reluctant replacement. Seeing that Norman is clearly inexperienced, the crew of “Fury” do not like him much at first.

Fury is assigned to a new tank platoon with Wardaddy serving as Platoon Sergeant. The other tanks in this platoon are named “Murder, Inc”, “Lucy Sue”, and “Old Phyllis”. They re-enter combat, where Norman’s inexperience becomes dangerous when he fails to shoot several Hitler Youth, who ambush the platoon leader’s tank with a Panzerfaust. After the ambush, with Wardaddy in command, the platoon links up with a unit from the 41st Armored Infantry Regiment. The platoon is sent to rescue soldiers pinned down in a field nearby. With infantry in support, the tanks engage in a battle with a German anti-tank gun battery. During the fighting, Norman hesitates under fire again. Angered at his incompetence, Wardaddy orders Norman to execute a captive German, who was found wearing a U.S. Army overcoat. When Norman refuses, Wardaddy puts him in a chokehold and forces him to hold his revolver and pull the trigger, killing the German prisoner. The crew seems to warm up to Norman following the incident and assures him that Wardaddy is looking out for Norman’s best interests.

They soon mount up and continue the attack into a neighboring town. On the road into the town, the platoon passes several children and civilians that had been hanged by the SS for refusing to fight, which proves to be an additional sobering experience for Norman. Wardaddy then leads the tanks to capture the town, where Norman, having seen the German brutality first-hand, kills several German soldiers after they had been hit with white phosphorus.

With the town secure, the crew and their infantry support take time to relax and explore the village. While searching an apartment, Wardaddy and Norman encounter a German woman, Irma, and her younger cousin, Emma. The pair seem to bond with the women over breakfast, particularly Norman (who ends up having sex with Emma), before the rest of the Fury crew barges in and begins harassing the women. The men leave, just minutes before a German artillery bombardment strikes the town. Before pulling out, Norman finds Emma dead in the rubble, further embittering him.

After leaving the town, the infantry commander orders his tank platoon to hold a vital section of crossroads to guard the Allies’ vulnerable rear lines. They head toward their objective, only to be ambushed by a German Tiger I tank, which knocks out Murder Inc. Wardaddy leads the remaining three Shermans in a counter-attack. The Tiger destroys Old Phyllis and Lucy Sue, leaving Fury as the sole survivor. By maneuvering to the rear of the Tiger, Fury is able to fire into the weaker rear armor and destroy the German tank. As the Tiger crew attempts to bail out of their burning tank, Wardaddy dispatches them with his STG-44 assault rifle as Norman furiously kills the German tank commander using Fury’s 30-caliber bow machine gun. After the encounter, the Fury crew learns that their tank’s radio is damaged and that they are now isolated and must continue their mission alone.

Just as Fury reaches the crossroads, the tank is immobilized by an anti-tank mine which breaks one of its tracks. While Gordo and Bible attempt repairs, Wardaddy orders Norman and Coon-Ass to check for any surviving German soldiers in the nearby farmhouse. It turns out to be a deserted aid station with everyone in it being dead. It is here that Coon-Ass takes a moment to apologize to Norman for everything that he and the crew has put the latter through as he thinks that Norman is a good man while the rest of them aren’t, for which Norman willingly forgives him. Wardaddy then tells Norman to scout the nearby hill, giving him some rations while the crew tries to repair the broken track. Norman spots a battalion of roughly three hundred Waffen-SS panzergrenadiers heading to their direction and swiftly runs back to report this to Wardaddy and the crew. The crew initially decides to abandon the crossroads on foot, however, Wardaddy refuses to leave, saying that Fury is his home. He tells the crew that they may leave if they want to. Norman then declares his intention to stay with Wardaddy, followed by Gordo, Bible and finally Coon-Ass.

The crew disguise Fury to make it appear to be abandoned, burning and disabled. They then wait for the impending arrival of the German forces, during which they share a fresh bottle of whiskey; the crew dub Norman “Machine” and formally accept him into the Fury crew.

The SS battalion arrives and inspect the seemingly disabled Fury. When they get close enough, the crew springs their trap and assails the Germans with all available weapons. Despite inflicting massive casualties on the Germans, one-by-one, the members of Fury are killed with Wardaddy mortally wounded by sniper fire. As Germans infiltrate the tank, Wardaddy directs Norman to a hatch at the bottom of the tank; Norman escapes through the hatch as the Germans drop grenades into the body of Fury, killing Wardaddy. Norman is then spotted hiding under the tank by a young SS soldier who, after some hesitation, decides to simply leave him instead of reporting him as the remnants of the German battalion, now much thinner in number, press on toward their destination.

Norman awakens early the next morning and re-enters the tank, finding the deceased members of Fury inside. He then covers Wardaddy’s body with his own jacket, and upon hearing noise outside, arms himself with the fallen Wardaddy’s revolver. The hatch is then opened by a US Infantryman who helps Norman out and evacuates him via an ambulance. The film ends with an overhead shot showing the crossroads and the carnage surrounding Fury.

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  • Movie Name : Fury (2014)
  • Movie Size : 1.0 GB
  • Movie Quality : 720p HD
  • Movie Type : Action, Drama

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Fury 2014 Full Movie 720p HD Free Download Fury 2014 Full Movie 720p HD Free Download Fury 2014 Full Movie 720p HD Free Download

Fury 2014 Full Movie 720p HD Free Download

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