Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 English 720p BRRip Full Movie

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Movie Overview

In 1926, wizard Newt Scamander briefly stops over in New York City while en route to Arizona. He encounters Mary Lou Barebone, a No-Maj (non-magical human) who runs an orphanage. She is warning a crowd about the existence and danger of wizards and witches. While listening, a Niffler escapes from Newt’s magically-expanded suitcase which houses multiple magical creatures. As he attempts to capture it, Jacob Kowalski, a No-Maj, mistakenly carries away Newt’s suitcase. Demoted Auror Tina Goldstein arrests Newt for being an unregistered wizard and takes him to MCUSA (The Magical Congress of the United States of America), hoping to regain her former position. However, President Seraphina Picquery and Auror Percival Graves dismiss the case. At Jacob’s tenement apartment, several creatures escape Newt’s suitcase.

Meanwhile, Percival Graves approaches Credence Barebone, an orphan under Mary Lou’s charge, and offers to free Credence from his abusive situation in exchange for his finding the host of an Obscurus, a dark, destructive force magical children inadvertently manifest to conceal their powers. The force can be unleashed during periods of anger and stress, and is what Graves believes is causing the mysterious destructive occurrences in the city.

After Tina and Newt find Jacob and the suitcase, Tina takes them to her apartment and introduces them to Queenie, her Legillimen (mind-reading) sister. Queenie and Jacob are instantly attracted to one another, though wizards are forbidden to marry No-Majs. Newt takes Jacob inside his magically-expanded suitcase, and persuades him to help search for the missing creatures. After re-capturing the Niffler and an Erumpent (a rhino-like creature with deadly liquid in its horn), they re-enter the suitcase, which Tina takes to MCUSA. Officials arrest them, claiming one of Newt’s creatures is responsible for killing Senator Henry Shaw Jr. (though he was killed by an Obscurus). Newt’s suitcase (containing the creatures) is to be destroyed and Jacob’s memory will be obliviated (erased). Graves interrogates Newt and Tina and accuses Newt of consorting with the infamous dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald. Newt and Tina are immediately sentenced for execution. Queenie rescues them and Jacob, and the foursome then capture the last of the creatures.

At the orphanage, Credence finds a wand under orphan Modesty’s bed. Mary Lou assumes the wand is Credence’s and is about to whip him when Modesty claims it is hers. When she is about to be whipped, the Obscurus is unleashed, destroying and killing everyone in the orphanage except Modesty and Credence. Graves arrives and dismisses Credence as being a Squib (a non-magical person of wizard ancestry) and refuses to tutor him in magic. Credence reveals he is the Obscurus host, and, in a rage, unleashes it on New York City.

In a subway tunnel, Tina, who knows Credence, attempts to calm him. As he begins to settle into human form, Graves and Seraphina arrive with the aurors, who decide Credence’s life must be forfeited to keep magic hidden. Credence appears to be destroyed, but Newt spies a tiny shred of the Obscurus fleeing, which may mean it has survived. Graves, angry, says he was unleashing the Obscurus to expose the magical community to the No-Majs. He claims that MCUSA protects them rather than themselves. A fight ensues and Graves is overpowered. Newt casts Revelio, and reveals that Graves is really Grindelwald in disguise.

MCUSA fears it is too late to protect their secret world, but Newt releases his thunderbird to spread a potion over the city via a rain downpour that will erase all New Yorkers’ memories of recent events. MCUSA wizards magically repair the destruction. Seraphina orders Jacob’s memory to be obliviated to which Jacob reluctantly agrees. While kissing him goodbye, Queenie somewhat shields Jacob from the rain. Newt departs for Europe, but promises Tina to return when he finishes his book; he also anonymously leaves Jacob a case of occamy eggs (made of silver), allowing Jacob to fulfill his dream to open his own bakery. When Queenie visits the shop, his memory seems to be sparked.

Movie Details

  • Language: English DD5.1
  • Quality: 720p BluRay
  • Size: 1GB
  • Subtitle: English

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 English 720p BRRip Full Movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 English 720p BRRip Full Movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 English 720p BRRip Full Movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 English 720p BRRip Full Movie

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 English 720p BRRip Full Movie

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